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SOME CLIENT REVIEWS [from before Yelp]:

Charles Worth, concert pianist & organist in San Francisco, wrote:

      Charles Hawley, piano technician extraordinaire, has kept my Steinway in tip-top shape for more than 3 decades. His knowledge and expertise in maintaining a piano is exemplary. He has completely rebuilt several grand pianos, some over 100 years old. He is a perfectionist and takes the appropriate time to complete a task properly.

      Mr. Hawley has been my favorite tuner through the years and his tunings last for nearly a year without going out of tune. I have always favored his method of tuning and his tempered scale. Aside from tuning, Mr. Hawley can fix any piano problem, from a sticking key, a poorly adjusted pedal or a problem of uneven voicing. I give him my highest recommendation.

Gregory McCann in San Mateo wrote:

      Chaz tuned our piano, fixed some notes that weren't working, and made several working notes sound better on our upright. He did a better job and charged less than our usual piano tuner. I'd recommend him to my friends for piano tunings and other piano work.

Russell Hancock at Stanford wrote:

      We returned late last evening to find our piano beautifully restored to its proper order, and playing better than I ever imagined would be possible. ...I want you to know how grateful I am both for your excellent work, and for your professional integrity. We are anxious to engage your services again, and we also plan to refer your name to our many friends who have pianos.




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